This sofware is usually installed without your knowledge with freeware download. It has been detected as a potentially unwanted program by ESET and Kasperky antivirus scanners. It is generally installed with the program sursenel by Sidecom.


– It belongs to a family of PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program).
– Vendor : PUP.Optional

Main actions :

– It installs as a (O42) program,
– It creates to many registry keys ‘Software’
– It creates additional folders (O43),

ZHPDiag report:

O42 – Logiciel: sursenel – (.sidecom.) [HKLM] — {7d0ff442-6ee9-4afb-74ec-015a61fc9fd0}
O43 – CFD: 18/05/2015 – 01:03:01 – [] —-D C:\Users\SevenTest\AppData\Roaming\sursenel
O61 – LFC: 11/05/2015 – 01:53:07 —A- . (…) — C:\Users\SevenTest\AppData\Roaming\sursenel\encecal.dll [140800]


– Remove software via Windows Configuration Panel,
Remove with ZHPcleaner
Diagnose with ZHPDiag