SafeGuard is a program that usually installs without your knowledge via free software downloads. It displays many banners and advertising popup when internet browsing,


– It belongs to a family of PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program).
– Vendor : PUP.Optional

Main actions:

-It installs as a process launched at startup of the system (RP),
-It installs a program of extension for the browser Google Chrome (G2)
-It installs a plugin of the browser Mozilla Firefox (P2)
-It settled in the Base of registers to be launched each time the system (O4).
-It installs as a service to be launched each time the system (O23),(SS/SR).
-It starts a task planned in automatic (O39),
-It installs as a (O42) program,
-It creates a registry key ShareTools (ø53),
–It creates registry keys ‘Software’,
–It creates multiple files users (ø61),
-It creates a legacy key (O64),
-It creates many filesichiers (O43) (O88)
-It create MSI package file (O93)

ZHPDiag rapport:

[MD5.390E80CED15F981B0D76F440BE5037A4]-(. Alerts LLC-SafeGuard.) –C: \Program Files\SafeGuard\SafeGuard.exe [235000] [PID. 3952] O4-HKLM\.. \Run: [SafeGuard]. (…) –C: \Program Files\SafeGuard\SafeGuardApp.exe
O23-Service: SafeGuard Update Service (SafeGuard Update Service). (…) -C: \Program Files\SafeGuard\SafeGuardSrv.exe
O42-Logiciel: SafeGuard-(. Safeguard.) [HKLM]–SafeGuard[HKCU\Software\SafeGuardApp] [HKLM\Software\SafeGuardApp] O43-CF D: 03/05/2015-12: 09: 22-[]—-D C: \Program Files\SafeGuard
O43-CF D: 03/05/2015-12: 09: 17-[]—-D C: \ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\SafeGuard
O43-CF D: 03/05/2015-12: 09: 43-[]—-D C: \Users\Coolman\AppData\Local\Alerts_LLC
O43-CF D: 03/05/2015-12: 09: 21-[]—-D C: \Users\Coolman\AppData\Local\SafeGuard
O43-CF D: 03/05/2015-12: 09: 22-[]—-D C: \Users\Coolman\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\SafeGuard
SR-| Auto 01/04/2015 585744 | (SafeGuard Update Service). (…) -C: \Program Files\SafeGuard\SafeGuardSrv.exe
SR-| Auto 17/03/2015 16392 | (SGUpdater). (. Alerts LLC.) -C: \Program Files\SafeGuard\SGUpdaterSvc.exe


– Remove software via Windows Configuration Panel,
Remove with ZHPcleaner
Diagnose with ZHPDiag

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