For Your contribution

Thank you for your contribution and for your support for the anti-malware fight !

You just make a contribution or are you about to do. Thank you for your contribution and for your future contribution.

What is your contribution ?

At the maintenance of all of my blogs and my forum :

  • Subscriptions to the hosts,
  • Annual subscriptions domain names (4),
  • SSL secure the subscription (https),
  • Anti-spam protections annual,
  • Maintenances costs,

Encourage my job seeker, writer, Designer and Developer.

For more than 10 years of service to the anti-malware fight :

  • Time spent writing articles,
  • The time spend to develop new features on my software,
  • The time spend to look for and implement mechanisms to identify and remove malware,
  • The provision of & rsquo; free support on my forum disinfection with a group & rsquo; volunteer experts,
  • Almost daily release of new versions of my main software ZHPDiag and ZHPCleaner,
  • Time spent answer your many emails and topics on the forums and social networks,

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