Bitwar Data Recovery Software

Bitwar Data Recovery Software Data Recovery Software recovers data from hard drive, external HDD, the USB flash drive, the SD card that is based on the Windows or Mac system. It supports recovery of files to multiple devices, such as the hard disk, the mobile hard disk, the [...]

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Windows Update MiniTool

MiniTool Windows Update is a Microsoft independent customer to search, installation and lock updates for Windows. When there are updates for Windows, most devices running Windows are the most likely to be updated with some form of [...]

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Wise Force Deleter

Wise Force Deleter is software that can delete files recalcitrant. You've probably been faced with Windows messages telling you a sharing violation or access denied during a file deletion. Wise Force Deleter is easy to use, you unlock the file and you delete. Attention : Account [...]

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NetAdapter Repair AllInOne

NetAdapter Repair All In One is a utility that acts as a Swiss army knife of Windows network-related. It offers administrative tools, it can be used to secure the common network or to solve problems winsock. It also contains a variety of tools and diagnostics that allow you to change other network settings. [...]

Complete Internet Repair

Complete Internet Repair is a software utility that provides ten transactions that could recover the Internet connection. Among these operations , TCP / IP layer we distinguish them, Winsock, the Hosts file and Windows Updates. After selecting one or more operation(s), click on the button "GO" to start repair. Editor : [...]

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CrystalDiskInfo is software that lets you know the status of the computer are disk units. The software is portable and therefore requires no installation. It displays information about the health status of disk drives. Note He loads a disk manager precaution, make regular analysis with CrystalDiskInfo for [...]

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USB Immunizer

USB Immunizer Bitdefender is a free tool and easy to use that protects your file transfers against viruses. It blocks threats based autostart functions (Autorun) before they reach your computer. Author : Bitdefender Publisher : Bitdefender System : Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10

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RegToolExport is a utility that makes it easy to export one or more registry keys. You specify a line key name and you click "Exporter". A register file (extension .reg) is then created with the key export. The result is the same as when using Windows RegEdit, except that [...]

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Windows Spy Keylogger

Windows Spy Keylogger is a free utility that secretly monitor the activities on your computer. It intercepts all keystrokes and instructions in a log file that can be viewed later. Installing and running the utility can do without being administrator of your computer. With this utility, the [...]

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LogonFix is ​​scheduled utility to adjusted problem connecting to your system, such as a black screen or a blockage on the welcome page. It can be used with Windows in safe mode (MSE). Do not use this utility if your computer has no problem starting. Author : [...]

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