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Wise Force Deleter

Wise Force Deleter is software that can delete files recalcitrant. You've probably been faced with Windows messages telling you a sharing violation or access denied during a file deletion. Wise Force Deleter is easy to use, you unlock the file and you delete. Attention : Account [...]

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Speccy is a software that provides information on the hardware installed in your computer. This is mainly the Motherboard, the Graphics Card, you CPU, of the RAM and disk units. These are interesting to know if we want to change its configuration for a possible optimization. These [...]

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SFTGC is a utility that cleans Windows Temporary Files. It frees up space on your storage drives. SFTGC improves browsing speed. The treatment is fast, effective and easy to use. Author : Pierre13 Publisher : Tutorial : SOSvirus System : Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10 [...]

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RstAssociations is a utility that restores associations for corruption files. For example if you find that your programs (extension ".exe") will launch more, is that the registry extension interpreter is missing or damaged. There is an executable version Expansion ".scr" that restores the file association ".exe" [...]

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Unchecky is an optimization software to block additional software installations. Indeed, during the installation of some bundled software, proposals are made to install other utilities that have nothing to do with what you want to install. Some download sites abusing the packaging method to get you to install [...]

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Update Checker

Many software must always be updated to address security vulnerabilities of your system. Update Checker helps you control the updates to some software like 7-Zip, Adobe Air, FileZilla, Firefox, Flash player, Notepad++, Thunderbird, Winrar ou WinSCP. In practice, it scans your computer for [...]

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Temp File Cleaner

Temp File Cleaner (TFC) is a utility that cleans up all temporary files from your computer. This is mainly Windows temporary files, Java and major browsers, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer. At the end of treatment, an information is given on the size retrieved from the storage units. A [...]

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ResetBrowser is a software developed by Its objective is to reset Chrome browsers, Firefox ou Internet Explorer. All your data is stored as your passwords and favorites. In some cases, ResetBrowser can remove your computer browsers and reinstall their original settings. Developer website

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