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Editor : filehippo.com | Version : 2015 (last version)
THE: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Update Checker 2015

Many software must always be updated to address security vulnerabilities of your system.
Update Checker helps you control the updates to some software like 7-Zip, Adobe Air, FileZilla, Firefox, Flash player, Notepad++, Thunderbird, Winrar ou WinSCP. In practice, it scans your computer for installed software, it checks the version and then sends this information to FileHippo.com to control the existence of a new version.
New versions are then displayed in your browser in order to download the.

Note however that disabling proposals beta versions. Indeed this is rather reserved for beta testers.
For that, go to the Update Checker settings. Check the box : Hide beta versions

Editor : filehippo.com