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Editor : | Version : 2015 (last version)
Dr.Web CureIt! 2015

Dr.Web CureIt! is software that detects and removes a large number of malware. It cleans infection from infected mails with attachments,worms from Internet browsing and the mass-mailing.
First it attacks many strains conveyed by the Peer-to-peer and tranfer files such as polymorphic viruses, the virus bodyless, Macro viruses, viruses for MS Office or Script viruses.
Then against Trojans, les Spybots, password stealers, Keyloggers, dialers and tools Hack.
Finally he cleans Adware, the Riskware and Spyware. Free use of Dr.Web CureIt! is for disinfecting his home computer.

Dr.Web CureIt! is portable, ie it requires no installation so it can be transferred via USB.

It works on Windows XP operating systems,Vista,W8, W10 and W8.1 (32bits et 64bits).

Author / editor : web Doctor, Ltd.