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par brunobyof
Hello, my name is Bruno and i seek help with this infection:
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I have tried several programs and some of them accuses malware, but even when i remove them using safe mode, they come back. By the way i can't use network in safe mode with network, it seems this malware is blocking the network in safe mode but not in normal mode.
My browsers keep uninstalling my preferences, refreshing itself, opening several windows, i barely can type something. After some serious cleanup i can use the computer for a short time without this issue but then it comes back.
How can i remove this from dnsapi.dll?
Thank you!
par brunobyof
Hi! Thanks for replying. I am not removing it. I did the scan on the virustotal website with both dnsapi.dll files in my pc (system32 and syswow64 folders). Both were supposedly clean. I don't know if it is a false positive because i read somewhere about how some adwares are changing this file lines to trick the system into looking for the hosts file without changing the lenght of characters in the dnsapi file, making it so that the antivirus and anti adwares/malwares don't detect, because it's not a virus itself, it's something else, that creates a new hosts file to which this alteration in the dnsapi files link to, making the browsers to follow those instructions from the new hosts file. Well all that is speculation, but the fact is that my pc is certainly infected with something because it keeps opening new windows on my browsers no matter which one i choose as the main one.
It also redirects , refresh itself and sometimes it's not even possible to type without being interrupted, which is soo annoying.
I have already passed several programs to catch and clean this infection without sucess. Can you help me? maybe i didn't post in the right session, i'm sorry if so, let me know so i can do something about it. Thanks

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