PineTree is an advertising program whose objective is to earn money by generating Web traffic. It usually moved without your knowledge via the download of freeware. For consultation of some sites, like Amazon, it offers coupons on multiple products. It collects information about your navigation habits. It promotes its products (advertisements) and boosted the ranking of sponsored sites. It displays messages of safety on the instability of the system. It slowed down the performance of the system and internet navigation. Identified 06/06/2015 - It belongs to a family of PUP (Potentially Unwanted [...]

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Main detections of ZHPDiag and ZHPCleaner

Every day new malware detections are listed. This work of Eve anti-malware is needed if one wants to keep a clean internet. This chapter lists the main detections found during diagnostics carried out by the ZHPDiag software. This list is far from exhaustive, but it should help prevent the spread of some malware that pose a potential risk to the user. Dialer.IntexusDial, Dialer.Porn, Dialer.IEAcess, Dialer.Agent, Dialer.Mostrar, Dialer.Aconti, Dialer.DyFuCA, KeyLogger.Actual, KeyLogger.AllInOne, KeyLogger.FamilyKeylog, Keylogger.Logixoft, Keylogger.Spyrix, KeyLogger.LightLogger, KeyLogger.SpyActual, KeyLogger.Agent, KeyLogger.Home, KeyLogger.FreeKeylogger, PUP.Optional.1ClickDownloader, PUP.Optional.AdvancedSystemOptimizer, PUP.Optional.AdvancedSystemProtector, PUP.Optional.AppBario, PUP.Optional.AppGraffiti, PUP.Optional.BearShare, PUP.Optional.Blabbers, PUP.Optional.BProtector, PUP.Optional.CacaoWeb, PUP.Optional.CertifiedToolbar, PUP.Optional.ChatlandRedir, PUP.Optional.ChromeServicePack, PUP.Optional.ClaroSearch, PUP.Optional.Convesoft, PUP.Optional.CrossRider, PUP.Optional.Datamngr, [...]

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ZHPCleaner Tutorial

ZHPCleaner Download : Download ZHPCleaner of Nicolas Coolman in your desktop. Launch the software: -Put you on the ZHPCleaner icon and click on the right, select the option "Run with admin rights" if it is present on the menu drop down. -Agree to "terms of use" (EULA). -The following interface appears: Click on "Scan" to start searching Let the progress bar to reach until the end. Click "Clean" to start cleaning. In the interface of repair, post the lines and click "Validate" or click on 'Clean' Let the cleaning progress bar arrive [...]

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